About Us

Mike's Journey in Building Homes and Trust in Gainesville

Weseman Homes is a premier home builder in Gainesville, FL that provides floor plans and options in SW Gainesville neighborhoods such as Grand Oaks.

Our Family

Our Journey Starts At Home

Mike is a Gainesville born and raised native who has a belief of Faith, Family & Hard Work.  Mike has been on the job site since he was a little kid, and construction has always been an integral part of his life. Mike is a hands-on, on-site General Contractor, having 20 plus years of construction experience.

Lauren, his wife, is also part of the Weseman Homes team and has over 15 plus years in Corporate Finance. Michael and Lauren have 3 beautiful children and enjoy spending their free time with their family. Mike’s dream is to build affordable, high-end homes, with a superior quality of craftsmanship. Get “A Hometown name you can trust” where you are also treated like family.

Why Gainesville

Gainesville is the Heart of Our Craft

In the vibrant heart of Gainesville, our passion for community shines through every home we build. Weseman Homes & Renovations prides itself on crafting premium, quality homes that are both luxurious and accessible, strengthening the fabric of our hometown with each build. For us, it's not just construction—it's creating a legacy where every family can flourish.


Community Involvement

Our Commitment to Gainesville's Community

At Weseman Homes, our dedication extends beyond building homes—it's about building a stronger Gainesville. As a family-operated business, we're deeply invested in the community that nurtures our own children. We actively give back, supporting local schools, charities, and public services that keep our community thriving. Every project is a chance to enhance the neighborhoods we call home, ensuring they remain vibrant and prosperous for current and future generations. Our commitment is to not only construct houses but to foster the growth and well-being of our beloved Gainesville.